That Special Glow: the soul of an Irish pub

For centuries, Brehon law made it mandatory for every Irish king to have his own brewery. A very sensible requirement, these bruigu made possible the everyday workman’s second, and perhaps first, home: the Irish pub. According to this ancient law, every pub had to have “a never-dry cauldron, a dwelling on a public road, and a welcome to every face.” Where have the great lawmakers gone?

When it comes to the quintessential tavern, no one’s got anything on the Irish pub. The very phrase evokes the warmest of atmospheres and a never-ending river of bevvies. The ingredients that concoct the essential Irish pub hardly need to be introduced, but we’re word nerds around here so we’ll be savoring the qualities of these beloved watering holes in the form of a delectable list.

First and foremost, the essence of an Irish pub lies in its warmth. From the hospitable bartenders to rich wood tones, everything needs to wash over a patron like the delicious buzz of a whiskey shot. The Irish pub is a place for friends to meet and strangers to rest their feet.

The phrase “Irish pub,” is like a mental hug. Anyone who hears these two words feels the welcoming arms of the nearest tavern drawing them in with the promise of large ales and big hearts.

When the Irish band gets going, no one expects the patrons to sit in their seats. With all those beers they’ve been drinking, those customers are bound to get pretty wild… and loud. A little pushing, shoving, and yelling (all in good fun) is bound to happen.


In an Irish pub, stress is not allowed. A patron can drown their sorrows, lament their predicament, and complain about stuff but stressing is strictly forbidden. Life’s baggage must be left at the door and forgotten by the bottom of the first beer mug.

Much of the time an Irish pub is not just about the good company and tall beverages, it’s about the mouth-watering fare. Back in the olden days, Irish pubs were required to carry a hefty supply of food in addition to the full “cauldron.” However, deliciousness is not limited to food, it describes the quality of an amiable atmosphere and lively conversation that accompanies a meal.

How can music be left out? It’s the thread that ties the entire Irish pub experience together. A never-ending whirl of jigs and reels fills the tavern with life and its patrons’ hearts with joy. Irish music embodies the spirit of all the other descriptors in this list of words. Take a moment to apply each adjective listed above to the soul of Irish music, then put it back in the tavern and we have our essential Irish pub complete.


The Irish Pub & Kelly: a tale of ould Ireland

Central to the story of Kelly: a tale of ould Ireland, is the heroine’s beloved pub, the Siren’s Song. True to its name, the tavern is an irresistible watering hole for both its patrons and firebrand owner, Kelly. Thrust into higher responsibilities through a series of outrageous circumstances, she is whisked away from her cozy pub to sort out the mad affairs of an ancient estate. Will Kelly ever return to the care-free life—and amiable pub—she once knew? Find out in her very own story HERE.


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  1. Thank you for that post. I love reading about other places. I’ve never been to Ireland but the pubs in England were friendly and comfortable. I am still waiting for the sequel to Kelly!!


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