Book Trailer Video – Irish Historical Fiction Novel – Kelly, a tale of ould Ireland

“Kelly: a tale of ould Ireland” is a loosely historical novel that takes place in a fictional Irish county. Filled with memorable characters, misadventure, and the most fiery heroine you’ll ever meet, “Kelly” whisks you away to a simpler time. However, her challenges are anything but simple. Watch the book trailer below to meet Kelly:

Book Synopsis

When County Whelan, Ireland, tragically finds itself without a landlord, the late chieftain’s dutiful right-hand man seeks out the only surviving heir… who just happens to be a high-spirited woman whose ambitions don’t go beyond serving frothy ales to the amiable patrons of her beloved pub. Even though she wants nothing to do with her new-found ancestral right, when everything and everyone she holds dear become threatened, she reluctantly steps in between ruin and the land she loves. Disgruntled staff, a tyrannical neighboring landlord, tenant disputes, and even wolves are among just a handful of the challenges Kelly faces. But the most difficult trial of all will be filling the oppressive shoes of aristocracy with feet that were meant for jigs. Can the cozy green countryside withstand the firebrand’s unorthodox methods? All hell will break loose when the quaint Irish county is turned upside down with its new landlady… but hell will need reinforcements to stop Kelly!


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